Tuesday, May 4

Today I (Chris) am doing the honors of writing the post.  We spent our first full day here in Nepal.  The day started early with a walk over to the base of the hill that the Monkey Temple was on top of.   Here is a good picture from close to where we started.  The monkey temple is up top…

We passed over some sewage rivers that were pretty nasty and had a rough odor!  That said, the hike up was lots of fun and there were little monkeys running around the whole way up.  At the top, we found the Monkey Temple!

Here is an example of one of the friendly monkeys that Brian nearly met!

My mom and I (Chris) will share our thoughts on the history.

So, that’s what Mom had to say.  I had a different perspective that I wanted to share!

Ok, one last fun video of Brian playing with the pigeons.  Sorry, the Kama Sutra temple video was sensored and not put up here… lol

That’s all for now folks!  We have an early departure from the hotel tomorrow (5:00 A.M. leave hotel, 7:00 A.M. flight!)..


Sandie, Brian, and Chris


7 responses to “Tuesday, May 4

  1. Oh my….I don’t know which is better…..the eyes are watching you or the revenge of the pigeons…looks like you all are having a great time! Can’t wait to see other updates….happy climbing!

  2. Enjoy your journey.

  3. Hahahaha the pigeons are my favorite!!!!!
    Go guys I didn’t know your mom let you tag along.

  4. Very nice! I feel smarter just following the blog posts.

  5. We all enjoyed watching your videos of the Monkey Temple and Christopher chasing the pigeons. Hope your flight on the 16 seater was a good one. You deserve a “Pure Rest” tonight!

    Judy, Don, Carrie, Monica, Mira, and Ben

  6. Love the videos – you guys are good for a laugh. Have fun and keep the reports coming!

    Laura – Brian and Jill’s Neighbor Lady 🙂

  7. Wow!! Could you bring me home a monkey – it could be the mascot for Ide 🙂 leave the pigeons behind though. Glad you are having such an adventure!

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