May 5th Kathmandu to Lukla to Pahkding

We awoke at 3:30AM to get our bags ready. Breakfast was served at 4AM and everyone barley slept but was full of excitement for the day ahead. Due to the strike we had to be sure to leave at 5AM to catch the early flights to Lukla and to avoid any potential dangers.

Here is a great picture of the huge jet!

Below is a testimonial from Mom, right after she got off the plane 😉

We landed on a very short runway. It is less than a football field and only recently was it paved! Our group used three planes and all landed safely in Lukla. Now the trip begins.  Check out a video of the runway below….  And yes, we take off from this runway on the way back to Kathmandu!

After the flight we all gathered for some tea at a local tea house. Everyone purchased last minute items and with the slight rainfall we definitely needed some pack covers. The excitement and anticipation of the hike was all over the place. The group had a short 3 hour hike to Pahkding where we would be staying for the night. Kappy, our lead guide, had us divide into three groups to make the trek more efficient.

So, here are a couple pictures of the scenery and what our hike looks like.  It was absolutely amazing.  I’m not sure the pictures can really even do it justice!!!  Actually, just one picture… internet is so slow and we need to work on the next post!


4 responses to “May 5th Kathmandu to Lukla to Pahkding

  1. Charlie Vaisnoras

    I am glad you handled the Plane ride OK. Did you sit in the front seat?
    Enjoy and have a great experience.

  2. Hi, S, B &C,
    Quite a little plane and landing strip.
    Looks like you are really enjoying your trek so far.
    With wishes for a continued great adventure !

  3. This is awesome! I also read the What’s Up USANA? blog and it is fantastic being able to follow your trek with 2 different perspectives. Hopefully when you fly back you don’t have to drink Red Bull and flap your wings….Rev3 would be much better 🙂 Enjoy!!

  4. grace and bob

    Hi Adventurers!
    Wow… is exciting from our view point also. Happy Mother’s Day, Sandie. will write later.
    hugs, g&b

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