May 6th Pakhding to Namche Bazar

We all awoke early for the toughest hike of the trip. This is a 6-8 hour hike depending on speed and has an elevation change of 3000 feet. The trail entailed crossing 5 suspension bridges. Not quite the trail if you are afraid of heights but it does build confidence. The early part of the hike winded along the Milk River and was the easiest part of the hike. Here is a video of the Milk River at the beginning of our trek.

After our lunch break and many other bathroom breaks (part of the joys of traveling with 40 people) we embarked on our toughest part of  the trek. After crossing the 5th suspension bridge which was the highest of all them, we ascended 400fmeters to our first rest stop. This part of the trek separated the men from the boys you might say or those who prepared physically for this trip and those who underestimated the physical challenge of the trip. We were happy that our training and hours spent at the stairs had paid off.

After our rest and waiting for others to catch up, we ascended the last 200 metersto our destination, Namche Bazar 11,000 feet. So basically we climbed over half a mile up one day. This is the resting spot for almost all trekkers. Every team that does Everest stays here to acclimate. Acclimation begins the next day with a trek up for 2 hours and then returning. We are very delighted to enjoy a HOT shower – we stink.

This is one of 5 suspension bridges we crossed for the day!

If you look at the top peak of this picture on the right, we are hiking to this peak!

15 responses to “May 6th Pakhding to Namche Bazar

  1. What an experience! I can’t wait to hear more about it. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Enjoy!

  2. Chris Connelly

    I just love the updates. You all look great. The pictures are wonderful too. Good luck and stay safe!
    Love, Chris

  3. Tom Connelly

    That bridge looks like fun to cross, be safe and have fun.

  4. You are truly amazing!!!! I am in awe of all of you 🙂

  5. Charlie Vaisnoras

    Looks really exciting. Looks like an Indiana Jones Movie. Take lots of pictures. Love You and Miss You.
    Say hello to Brian and Chris

  6. Sandie,Happy Mothers Day!
    Brian & Chris what a great and unusual trip to give your Mom for Mothers Day. Hard for anyone to top that..
    Pictures are awesome, stay safe.
    God bless all.

    Pat O’Brien

  7. Jeanine Sukis

    Happy Mother’s Day. What a way to celebrate!!
    Take care

  8. Hi,
    This trek looks good for you—I could never handle those suspensiion bridges—you don’t like close spaces and I’m pretty terrified of heights.
    Happy Belated Mother’s Day ! What a way to spend the day with your sons !
    Keep trekking !

  9. What can I say… only you Sandra can be going to these heights… the plane rides, the bridges, the climb … you are my hero and what a better team to be with … your boys! Have fun. I am praying for you each day.

  10. Thanks for the frequent updates. I can see and hear you across the world. Incredible to be able to have a little insight into your journey. Brian and Sandie look transformed!! Chris, I don’t think I saw a clip from you yet.

    • Unbelivable adventure…hard hiking…wonderful people. All 40 of us made it to Base Camp…very unusual…eeven Edna at 84 made it. Of course, we are all USANA product users.

      Thanks for the comment. I have felt you here in spirit. LOve, Sandie

  11. I wish you and the boys a save and exciting journey. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Enjoy your adventure.

  12. Jeanine Sukis

    Glad to hear you all made it okay.

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