May 8th, 2010 – Namche Bazar to Khumjung – Elevation 3810m or 12,500 ft

We left Namche Bazaar for  about  a  4 hour hike to Khumjung.  It started with a steep uphill climb that covered the same part of the hike we went down the day before.  We retraced back over the landing strip and then headed over the hill.

This was going to be our first sighting of Mt Everest, however, there was a thick fog so we did the best we can to show you a picture of where the peak would be, see below’s picture.

About 2.5-3 hours into our hike, we came upon a 5-star Japanese resort that was supposed to overlook Everest.  Again, the clouds blocked us, but we had a great chance to sit and enjoy a nice pot of coffee along with some hot nuts!  See below for a nice picture of us relaxing.

From there we headed through a forest and/or garden of rotadendrum’s on our way down to Khumjung.  Check out some pictures of that below.

Finally, we arrived at Khumjung.  There is a high school here where people from all over the world have donated both time and money for it to remain in existence.  Children hike as far as 2 hours each way to get here (up/down hill).  So, when your parents tell you that they used to walk so many miles uphill both ways in the snow to get to school, these children actually do!

Before dinner, Brian and Chris got together a team of tourists to take on the guides for a game of volleyball on the gravel.  The guides won 2 out of 3 but it was very close.  This definitely winded us quite a bit since we were playing at an altitude of nearly 12,500 ft.

After dinner we were treated to some local singing and dancing.  A local women’s group came to our cabin and sang some traditional music with some traditional dancing.  They then joined with our trekking guides and did some Nepalese music and dancing where nearly everyone participated.  Check out Mom busting a move!

Food poisoning – Traveler’s Diarrhea
It was at this point that several people showed symptoms of mild to extremely severe food poisoning and/or “traveler’s” diarrhea. One thing you should be sure to ABSOLUTELY have prior to traveling out of the country is a prescription of Cipro. This is a very potent anti-biotic and is useful in times when you come across a bacteria infection introduced by food.  You can typically obtain this by making an appointment or phone appointment with your personal physician.  My physician also recommended a Z-pack or a prescription of Levaquin for anything upper respiratory or sinus.*  Everyone on your trip should not need their own prescription because ideally you will not all get sick but be sure you have some available.

Others found a more preventative approach useful in taking a potent dosage of probiotics to help maintain a good digestive system.  Check out the brand that we used that was convenient because it came in packs that did not need refrigeration, were easily mixed with water, and provided potent dosages of the “good” bacteria – Probiotics

* These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.


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